The Mediterranean island is also known as “the mountain in the sea”

Corsica is located to the west of Italy, level with Abruzzo, north of the Italian island of Sardinia and to the south-west of the French mainland. It is 183 km long, 83 km wide and has an area of more than 1,000 km due to numerous bays. One third is beach and two thirds are rocky. Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, an autonomous part for France and divided in to the Départements Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse. Its capital city is Ajaccio.

Corsica is also known as the mountain in the sea. Its highest peak, Monte Cinto (2,706 m), is only 25 km away from the sea. There are over 120 2,000-metre-high peaks on the island, which extend in a slight S-shape along the island. Corsica has an average height of 568 m and 86% is mountainous and only 14% is lowland.

Facts & figures

  • Area: 8,680 km²
  • Inhabitants: 324,212 (as of 2014)
  • Population density: approx. 37/km²
  • Capital city: Ajaccio
  • Highest mountain: Monte Cinto (2,706 m)
  • Longest river: Golo (Golu), 84 km
  • Road network: 6,800 km long
  • Rail network: 227 km (narrow gauge)
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Cap Corse

Cap Corse is a peninsula in the north of Corsica with lots of little villages and beautiful beaches


Bastia is a French community and port town in north-east Corsica with 43,331 inhabitants

Bastia Airport

Bastia-Poretta Airport is located on the north-east coast, 80 km away from “Les MARINES de PALASCA”

Calvi Airport

Aéroport Calvi-Sainte Catherine lies 30 km away from “Les MARINES de PALASCA”


The coastal city is the cultural and economic centre of north-west Corsica


The small port town and lively beach resort with 3,000 inhabitants is 9 km away from “Les MARINES de PALASCA”

Ajaccio Napoléon Bonaparte Airport

The capital city airport at Campo dell’Oro in western Corsica


Ajaccio is a French community with 68,587 inhabitants and the capital city of Corsica

Monte Cinto

Standing at 2,706 metres tall, Monte Cinto is the highest peak in Corsica

Climate and nature

Fantastic nature away from mass tourism

Arrival and transport

Arrival by plane, ferry and car

Sports and activities

Fantastic nature, sport and culture