As a general marketer for Germany and Scandinavia, we would like to take this opportunity to present this extraordinary project in north-west Corsica. The redeveloped area “Les MARINES de PALASCA” is located a stone’s throw away from the “Plage de Lozari” beach. We act as the broker for plots and high-quality prefabricated houses within the project. For investors we offer four plots, which can be developed with rented houses. Since we work as an agent for the owner there are no brokerage fees! We are available at our Hamburg-based office for initial talks and consultations. All negotiations, consultations and viewings are conducted in German.

“A good purchase is better
than a good sale”

(Corsican proverb)

Knud Hagedorn, Hansekontor Hagedorn: “A good purchase is better than a good sale: this Corsican proverb hits the nail on the head. You can confidently consider the purchase of your plot of land or the construction of your personal dream property in Corsica in “Les MARINES de PALASCA” as an investment in quality of life, profit and security. Due to the current situation in countries such as Turkey or Egypt, Corsica will record a significant upward trend in the years to come. Majorca, the Spanish and Italian mainland as well as other European destinations are simply overwhelmed. Property prices in these countries are no longer reasonable and are anything but realistic. Corsica will participate from its underdog position and make the appropriate developments. In this respect and due to the strict specifications for allocating land in the Mediterranean, we have a real insider tip in “Les MARINES de PALASCA”. I am pleased to be supporting this project and I am looking forward to lots of new contacts and new opportunities”.


Knud Hagedorn

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Knud Hagedorn
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